What will people say?

Talk about the number of times 'What will people say?' has come between important life decisions and choices and means to get professional help and we are sure many of you will be able to relate how you have heard this phrase from someone in your family or friends.

The idea of taking help to achieve positive mental health has become stigmatized because people with mental health issues have been stereotyped as people with 'problems that cannot be fixed'. The discrimination that arises out of these judgments from the society itself brings fear of shame and creates barriers to access good healthcare as well as barriers to recovery for people with mental health issues.

This stigma can be broken when people understand that it is normal to take help from a trained professional for correcting lifestyle issues, taking necessary medications, building support systems to fight mental health problems just like how a doctor would recommend changing habits and lifestyle, recommend necessary medications and practice hygiene to improve their physical health.

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