My Personal Bill of Rights

  1. I have the right to express my feelings!

You have the right to express your feelings, positive or negative.

Being in touch with your feelings is essential to be confident and identify your needs and wants. When you cannot identify what you are feeling and what you would want or not want, it can keep you in unhealthy life situations.

You have to say how you feel inside and say it directly. If you feel confused about your needs and wants, take some time to write them down or talk about it with a close friend. You cannot assume that others will know what you want and need.

2. I have the rights to have my personal space and time!

When there is constant stress or you're burned out from all the work from home or workplace, you need time to recuperate. All said and done about being in good comfortable company. But at times, you might just need time with yourself alone.

And there is nothing that can forbid you from your own personal time and space. This helps you in clearing out your mind space, your foggy vision and energizes you to get back to better execution of work or help you to move to the next step in your life journey.

3. I have the right to change my mind!

We live in a complicated world where the situations and people inhabiting it change all the time. Our journeys force us to make decisions, that narrate our stories and reflect who we are. Some of those decisions are just right and reflect the best part of us and some are just random and automatic.

We can’t always know everything or how we feel about something or be rational or know the outcomes and that’s OK. In fact, our ability to learn, change and adapt is part of who we are and our stories. It's meaning is only limited by our capacity to think. So feel free to rethink and make decisions.

Do you know your personal Bill of Rights?

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