But who will listen?

Often, in most personal relationships, there is mostly someone who does most of the speaking and another who spends the time listening. Although, most times we explore with couples whether the listener is actually listening? We had to work on the basic skills of communication in a relationship i.e. to give each person the chance to speak and listen to their views as much as you value your time to speak importantly.

Giving your partner the chance to speak and actively listening to them reflects your respect, attention, and care towards them. Even if a partner might be a silent one, paying attention and giving them time to speaking their mind helps them to release any valid concern that they could collect in their mind consciously or unconsciously. And at times, that opportunity to release one's thoughts or talk about their day is just like healing the heart.

Always remember, when listening, Do not assume you know what your partner has in mind. Instead, ask them what they need from you and proceed. Do not advise what they should do to fix a problem, just be present for them and listen to what they have to share; you do not have to be a solution provider always. Do not interrupt them when they share an experience they had with yours. It may show you have little interest. Also,

remove all distractions around and never dismiss the emotions your partner expresses. This enables your partner to speak without feeling judged. A partner feels most secure when they feel the comfort of sharing without measuring their words or thoughts.

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